Simple Pocketknife Monograms

One thing most folks don’t think about much is that it’s simplicity in life that makes for a beautiful piece. Choosing the lettering fonts, determining spacing, any extras like scrolling. Is it going on the blade, or is it a handle carving?

When Matt asked me to do this, I was pleased at his font choice. Gentle strokes but bold lettering, very masculine, and with fine personality. I hope you like the work. When I pulled out the first knife to show Matt, he was happy with it. I said, “Good, this is the one I liked the least!” So, here is a look at a set of Buck pocketknives Matt gave his groomsmen at his wedding.Simplicity

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3 comments on “Simple Pocketknife Monograms”

  1. CJ


    The knives were furnished pre-purchased by the the “groom”. I’m not certain where he got them, but wood-handled pocketknives are fairly easy to come by and available in a wide variety of price ranges. These were nice quality, short blades, 3 inches perhaps 4 at most. I much prefer working with true wood than with laminates or presswood which tends to splinter, even with the high-speed drills.

    I enjoyed visiting your website also… Might be interesting seeing if I could do a fusion piece from wood or glass. Hmmm. There’s a thought! 🙂 Did you check out our glass gallery?

    Thanks for your kind comment!


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