When You Need “Different”

There are times when the normal and typical is just too boring. We understand that and it’s precisely why we try to offer you what it is that you envision.

Being artists is never an easy thing, especially when working on a commissioned piece, because we’ll never know if it’s close enough to your vision until we see your response. The more detailed you are in your product idea, the better our re-creation of that idea should be.

We encourage you, as a potential client, to prepare a mock up in advance. Or if there is already something similar out there, let us see it and describe what you would like changed about the piece. Mind reading has never been my strongest suit, but visual aides? Awesome idea.

Personalizations for the unique is also something we take great pride in. We have added to our “Miscellaneous Gallery” the following piece:

Pool Cue Stick 1

A gift for Krystle

Nicole wanted to add Krystle’s name to the cue stick but she didn’t want to use the “same old” fonts from our own font samples. She located a nice truetype freeware that I was able to download and use. The end result? Well, I won’t know for a little longer, but judging by Nicole’s response, we have a winner! I hope they’ll take a few minutes to let us all know what Krystle thought of her new toy.

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