Wine Bottles and “Business Card Bottles”

Here are some examples of what can be created on wine bottles. Traditionally, much of our hand engraving is done for wedding parties, anniversaries and graduations or some other special occasion, and which includes a name (Mr. and Mrs. Smith/Jim and Jenny Smith/The Clamborg Association, etc.) and a commemorative date, written out (as March 1, 2010), or of course otherwise, if you choose.

Standard costs for bottle engraving are $25.00 per bottle (for engraving only) Due to the volatility of champagnes, we cannot engrave them, with our apologies.

Leaf scroll on wine bottleI made this bottle for local restaurant Carmel’s, but they have, unfortunately, closed.

I made this bottle for local restaurant Carmel's, but they have, unfortunately, closed.

Leaf scroll on wine bottle

I did these two for a local Feed and Tack that recently grand-opened. They really loved the work, so am hoping they’ll think of us come next Christmas…

"The wind of heaven is that which blows through a horses ears."

And everyone’s favorite so far, the Tennessee Walking Horse…

We are happy to talk to folks about their own ideas and to try to create, or recreate an image especially for you. Believe it or not, glass is a pretty forgiving substance! I’ll put more bottles up in the near future. For now, I’ll leave you with this last one…We add favorite quotes too!
And, going along with that Swiss quote: “May your tears be few!”

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