Glass Commission: Chocolate-In Style

This commission consisted of nearly 100 shot glasses, hand engraved alternately with the word/s “Chocolate” or “In Style”. After a bit of practice, I got pretty consistent, which is a real bonus when working on repeat images. Here is a look at what came out of this effort.

First attempt, not bad! I really liked the script…

For Catered By Jeanne's "Chocolate-In Style" events

For Catered By Jeanne’s “Chocolate-In Style” events




A second choice, which I really liked but they wanted something a bit more contemporary…

For Catered By Jeanne's "Chocolate In Style" Division

For Catered By Jeanne’s “Chocolate In Style” Division

Last shot, and the font winner is:

Catered By Jeanne's "Chocolate-In Style" shot glasses

Catered By Jeanne’s “Chocolate-In Style” shot glasses

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