Call Ahead For Personal Appointment!

We’re ready to carve and engrave something special for you! Maybe you want one of our specialty cards? You should come see them! Consider calling or emailing to schedule a time to come in and work up your special gifts! Just call (772) 226-0277 to reach us. If we aren’t immediately available, please leave a message!

Custom Christmas Ornaments

Custom Christmas Ornaments

In addition to Spice of Life Studios, we are rebuilding our CN Starz* Entertainment business so there is the added benefit (well, we hope anyway!) of a bit of fun while folks are shopping.  To find out more about that, you’ll have to check out the CN Starz* page.

FAQ’s from friends:

-Will we ship anywhere?  Well, anywhere in the US, certainly.  Other places, we’ll have to work something out.  I’m not a genius with that stuff-but I can probably figure it out easily enough.  First class usually goes most anywhere, but some of this stuff can be heavy!

-Do we take credit cards?  Not at this time, but we do have Paypal, Checks (with ID), Money Orders and Greenbacks-they’re always good.  But checks have to clear before we ship, so you might want to use something else first, if you can. Paypal is normally the easiest method.

-What kind of things do you carve or engrave on?  Pretty much any hard surface – be sure to check out our photographs here in our assorted galleries.  We’ve done glass, stone, wood, metal and we love to work using your own ideas too, so let us help you design something.  Personalization is our middle name-we specialize in custom wedding work!

Come on out.  I’ve got some new granite that I’ll be creating some new products…  And thanks for visiting Spice of Life Studios and CN Starz* Entertainment! We’ll also be putting some products up for sale soon on Bonanzle, Etsy and Ebay, so be sure to check here and we’ll let you know when everything is all set up.

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