Custom Carving and Engraving

Have you ever wanted to create something in wood using your own hands or to see your own photos, drawings or poems etched or engraved?  I did, and so I set out to learn how to go about it.  I was even more excited when I learned that I could do much the same to glass, stone and many other hard surfaces.  It has become such a joy to learn these new skills and to develop my art.  Let me show you a picture or two…

Basic carve out

Working the wood

You can see the rough cuts as I worked the wood, trying to define the space of stones and background.  After this stage, I worked at shaping more and feathering it out.  I added the templates for the verse I wanted after creating it on my computer.

Smoothed out the background texturing

Feathered out and sanded

I finished this with more sanding, a light stain to bring out the lettering, I omitted stain around the “light” area of the lighthouse, so the natural wood would appear “lit”, and then finished it with several coats of polycrylic spray…


The finished project.

This photo was taken before the final finish was sprayed on.  Thanks for looking!

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